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The Next Generation In Hatch Covers

The twist lock fastener design creates an easy on and off way to attach the hatch cover
protecting your boat from damaging sun rays and reduces cabin temperature

NEW – Boat Hatch Cover Measurement Templates

How to use the new measurement templates

Download the appropriate template based upon the Radius size of your Hatch Cover

0.5″ to 1.0″ Raduis
1.125″ to 1.625″ Radius
1.75″ to 2.25″ Radius

Print the template and make sure you turn off Page Scaling

Cut along the Lines to help you determine the corner Radius of your Hatch Cover.



Boat Hatch Cover Measurement Document – Download PDF File


How to measure your Boat Hatch Cover

Measurements – A, B

Measurements – E, F, G, H

Measurements – I, J

Measurements – How to find Radius with piece of paper helpful tip

Measurements – Using framing square to find radius