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The Next Generation In Hatch Covers

The twist lock fastener design creates an easy on and off way to attach the hatch cover
protecting your boat from damaging sun rays and reduces cabin temperature


Prevents the damaging sun rays from fading of interior fabrics and wood
Reduces interior cabin temperature
Slows the effects of hazing and crazing (cloudy and fractures) of the hatches
Reduces interior heat in cabins that make plastic like materials brittle over time
Helps your air conditioner run more efficiently
Allows privacy by keeping prying eyes from looking in while on or off your boat
Keeps the early morning sun from awakening you when you want to sleep in
Covers are made from expanded PVC to minimize transfer of heat on to hatches
Will float if dropped overboard
Has a low profile fastener twist lock design
Easily stores unnoticed behind or under cushions
Great for boats docked or moored for long periods
White PVC material that reflects the sun and is UV protected
No strings or cords to obstruct the opening and closing of hatches
Economical and easy to install
Standard sizes available or custom cut at no extra charge.


Standard Hatch Covers

Personalized Hatch Covers – Add Custom Vinyl Lettering