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The Next Generation In Hatch Covers

The twist lock fastener design creates an easy on and off way to attach the hatch cover
protecting your boat from damaging sun rays and reduces cabin temperature

  1. “What is an Outland Hatch Cover?” This is a new concept in protecting the acrylic lens of deck hatches on boats. It is a ‘rigid two-piece’ cover system for the outside of the hatch to stop the degradation of the lens from sun and heat. The rigid cover is air injected and provides the insulation to minimize heat transfer from cover to lens and to the inside of the cabin. The unique patented fastener provides a strong hold down with many benefits.
  2. “Why do I need covers on my deck hatches?”  The acrylic lens is very susceptible to damage from the environment.  Sun and heat cause crazing (fine cracks) and hazing (surface degradation) to the hatch lens.  Outland Hatch Covers provide many benefits to make boating more enjoyable as well as to protect your investment
  3. “My hatches are tinted so I don’t need covers.” Not exactly!  Tinted acrylics are just as susceptible to crazing and hazing as non tinted. Tinted acrylics help to stop the glare of the sun but do little to stop the heat inside of the cabin. My experience is that even the glare and heat is uncomfortable when sitting under a deck hatch
  4. “What does “rigid” mean?”  The cover is made from expanded pvc and remains flat.  It does flex some, but will remain flat when the wind blows. With no curved edges, the flat design will allow easy storage under a cushion or behind a seat back
  5. “How is the cover attached?” Our unique patented “fastener”. The cover and fastener are a two-piece system that allows easy on and off of the cover. The fastener top twist to an open or closed position
  6. “How is the fastener attached to the acrylic lens?”  3m adhesive peel and stick dots.  There is no damage to the lens such as holes or screws needed to secure the fastener.  The peel n stick adhesive is very strong and will hold securely in most all conditions
  7. “How do I know where to put the fasteners?”  Your new cover is your template.  When you place the cover on for the first time, center it properly and then install the fasteners in the unique cutouts. It’s really very simple
  8. “Are the fasteners visible when the covers are not in place?”  Yes. The fastener is a 3-dimensional object.  It is designed to blend in with hatch hardware so it looks as if it were part of the hatch.  At only 3/8th of an inch tall, and its smooth edges, it blends in with existing hatch hardware.
  9. “Will Outland Hatch Covers fit my hatches?”  Yes.  Each cover is designed for your make and model of hatch.  To date, we have been able to adapt a cover for all models. Exact measurements are needed for models not in our database.
  10. “What colors are available?” White is the only color we offer due to the reflective properties. Darker colors will absorb sun and heat reducing the effectiveness and purpose.  In our experience, the color of white we use blends in so well with most all boats that the covers are difficult to notice.
  11. “Is there any special care involved?” No. Just wipe clean with mild soap and water. You should not use any harsh chemicals or abrasives.
  12. “Do the rigid covers provide support to the hatch?” No. The covers are just protective covers for the lens and provide no structural support. They are only 2mm thick, but can prevent scratches to the lens if walked on.
  13. “Will the covers fade or yellow?”  At the present time, the longest known set of covers in use is four years old and shows no signs of fading or yellowing. They look just like the day they were installed.
  14. “Are there any special precautions with Outland Hatch Covers?”  Not so many really.  It’s always good to check that you have closed all the fasteners. It is so easy to put the cover on that some people forget to twist the top closed.  PVC has many of the same characteristics of plastic.  Care should be taken when handling them in freezing temperatures, as they will have less flex.
  15. “Is summer the only time I need to use Outland Hatch Covers?” No. You should use the covers year round because the damaging effects of the sun are year round.  They provide privacy at night and when you are away from your boat.
  16. “Can I run the boat with the covers in place?”  We strongly suggest that you do not!  Although many sailboats report they leave the covers in place while sailing, powerboats achieve speeds not recommended. Wind gust can be unpredictable so it is important to remove the covers on any boat before leaving the dock.
  17. “How do I order Outland Hatch Covers?”  Call us direct or email.  It may take a few calls to get all the information we need to make your covers.  Most people do not know what brand or model of hatches they have but together we can figure this out.  We are available most every day no matter time. Most of our calls are after hours or weekends as this is the time most people can get to their boats.  We actually like calls from the boat so we can get all the information needed.  Pictures of the hatches are always appreciated.